I found my birth family in 2017. I’ve been finding myself all along.

You and I are on this adoptee journey together. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to searching for and eventually connecting with your bio family – I get it. It’s been a wild ride for me.  I’ve been an adoptee my whole life and I know the ins and outs of trust issues, displaced anger and the sense of not belonging anywhere as a result.

My search for my biological mother began when I was 16 with questions and lots of fears. I guess that’s when I started looking to find myself. I didn’t want to hurt my (adoptive) family and I was really unsure what I would find. Plus, I was a teenager, I didn’t really have the maturity or bandwidth to go 100% on the search. (If you told me I was not mature back then I  would have likely given you an eye-roll and ignored you!)

Now that I’m on the other side of the search I’m not done finding myself! This site is for me and you. It’s a place to talk about the emotions that come up for most adoptees and those who love us.

It’s also a place to start the journey to yourself regardless of the outcome of your search. I’m here to tell you that not one of us is an orphan, no matter how orphaned we feel at times.

If you want to continue the conversations in a non-formal setting, I invite you to join us in our Adoption Conversations Group on Facebook!